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DIY BreastMilk & Keepsake Jewellery Kit ~ Instructions

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Instructions for Preserving BreastMilk

Items you require from your own kitchen cupboard.

  • 5mls of your BreastMilk
  • Small square of baking paper
  • Two saucepans OR one saucepan and a glass bowl (see double boiler method)
  • Teaspoon OR a mortar and pestle

Step 1 Heat – take 5mls of your room temperature BreastMilk and heat using the double boiler method described below.

  1. Find two pots where one will fit into the other.
  2. Fill the big pot half way with water
  3. Place your BreastMilk into the small pot and place this pot into the big pot.
  4. Heat the big pot until the water boils.

Step 2 Add – Add the entire Baby Bee Hummingbirds Milky Mumma Magic element into the small pot which contains your heated BreastMilk. Begin stirring until your preserved BreastMilk is the consistency of a thick gum paste (Your preserved BreastMilk should sit firmly on your spatula).

Step 3 Spread – Spread your preserved BreastMilk thinly onto baking paper using provided spatula and store in a cool dry clean environment. Clean and set spatula aside.

Step 4 Dry – Leave your preserved BreastMilk to dry for 48 hours. After 48 hours grind the preserved BreastMilk into a fine dust using either a mortar and pestal or crushing with a spoon on a flat surface. You have now crafted your very own Milky Mumma Magic Dust.

Instruction for crafting a piece of Jewellery with your Milky Mumma Magic Dust, Babies Cord Stump, Encapsulated Placenta Pill, loved ones Ashes or any dry inclusion.

Prepare Crafting Area – refer to our blog at www.babybeehummingbirds.com.au for pictures, hints and tips.

  • Ensure you have a clean and clear crafting space
  • Read tips, clean up and warning labels on Part A (resin), Part B (hardener) bottles.
  • Gather DIY Kit inclusions - measuring cup, clean spatula, Part A (resin), Part B (hardener)

    (Shimmers, Flecks or Micas – if colouring your creation).

  • Set aside a pinch of prepared Milky Mumma Magic Dust, Babies Cord Sump, Encapsulated Placenta Pill, loved ones Ashes or any other dry inclusion. See FAQ for further information on preparing dry inclusions.
  • Ensure ring or earring bases are set firmly upright using provided blu tac.
  • Ensure mold is clean and dry prior to crafting.


Step 1 – Pour 4mls of Part A (resin) into the measuring cup provided. Add 2mls of Part B (hardener) into the same measuring cup to make a total of 6mls.

You now have 20 minutes to craft before the resin mixture begins to set.

Step 2 – Stir slowly for 2 ½ minutes.

Step 3 – Add a pinch ( please refer to photos for a visual guide) of your Milky Mumma Magic Dust, Babies Cord Sump, Encapsulated Placenta Pill, loved ones Ashes or any dry element into the 6ml of Resin mix – stir slowly.

~ LESS is more with Milky Mumma Magic Dust ~

Step 4 – Add a dash of Shimmer Tint, Mica Flake or Bright Fleck to this mixture until you have achieved your desired tones – stir slowly.

Step 5 – Let rest for 2 minutes, then skim off any bubbles.

( Extra Step for Feather Rings ) Mold both the Blue & White putty into a small ball. Firmly place this little ball on the underside of the Ring opening. This creates a removable base for dripping in the mixture.

Step 6 – Pour slowly into mold or drip into bezels (eg ring or earring bases held upright in blu tac)

( Extra Step for Crystal Pendant ) Thread the stick through the small silver fittings hole. Place the fitting in the middle of the Crystal. The stick will keep the fitting straight & can be removed once dry.

Step 7 – Leave to set for 12 hours. You have now crafted your very own piece of BreastMilk and Keepsake Jewellery.

( Extra Step for Feather Rings ) Remove the little blue ball from your ring.

( Extra Step for Crystal Pendant ) Remove little stick.


( If Crystal is hard to remove - place in freezer for 5 mins & push it out from the bottom ).


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