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How do I order?

All orders are placed via the website.


What do the shimmers/tints/colour options mean?

Please visit the below link...



I have ordered. How do I access your address  for posting my package?

An automatic email is sent immediately after purchase. Please follow


the links. You must log into your online account to view our address.



What does the “status of my order indicate”?


This means your order has been successfully placed, but we haven't


Yet received your inclusions from our secure post box.


This means we have received your inclusions from our secure post.


Crafting time is 1up to 16 weeks from this date. 


Your precious package has shipped & the live online tracking has


been added to your account.




Do you create for families outside of Australia?


Yes, we do. We create for mumma’s worldwide.




What is your turn around time?


Up to 16 weeks from when we receive your package. FINAL Date for guaranteed Mothers Day delivery is 1st of March. Inclusions must be received prior to this date & your account must be marked as PENDING.

Please note there are no exceptions.


Do you offer lay-by?


No, sorry we don’t. But we do offer Pay Later with Zip Pay & After Pay.....

Pay Later




Can I use frozen breast milk?


Yes, your previously frozen breast milk is perfect to craft with. Please de-frost first before you send it to us.




When sending, do I need to keep my breast milk cold or refrigerated?


No, your breast milk is made up of 90% water. This means it’s perfectly fine to be sent via regular mail. It does not spoil – it only separates during transit.




How much breast milk should I send?


30ml per is enough for 1-3 pieces of breast milk jewellery. Please don’t send more than 50mls. We simply don’t need it.




I have high levels lipids levels in my breast milk. Is this a problem?


No, that will not affect the quality of the breast milk jewellery.




Can you craft from my babies cord stump?


Yes, we lovingly grind your babies cord stump into flecks.



Can I use frozen placenta?


Yes, you can follow our easy guide to DIY placenta dehydration.




How many encapsulated pills should I send?


1 capsule is perfect.




How much hair should I send?


Around 3cm is best per creation.




Is my breast milk & keepsake jewellery waterproof?


It's best to avoid water and treat your jewellery like your most precious






Do you have gift certificates?


Yes, we can post or email. They start from $20.




Do you allow drop off?


Unfortunately, this is not an option.




Do you accept custom orders?


No, not at this time.




How do we send our babies / child’s hand or footprints?


We will send you an all-inclusive “kit” for taking your loved ones unique hand or footprint.




How do you craft breast milk & keepsake jewellery?




  1.  We pick your envelope up from our very secure and registered post office box. Once home, we begin the process of identify and cross referencing each envelope and order. We absolutely love it when you also include your order details. We treasure every single letter that we receive. And we keep them as a memento of everyone who’s been part of our journey.
  2.  We decant the breast milk into single use containers. All remaining milk is stored in single use vials and kept for 18 months. This allows you to add to your collection if you desire – without going through the entire delivery process again.
  3.  The decanted breast milk then begins its unique journey to being perfectly preserved. This process is completely natural and doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals or solvents. We have honed this process over time.
  4.  Each container, vile, and envelope is clearly marked with your name, address, and order details. This combination allows us to accurately track your creations.
  5. Often your jewellery requires “drying & curing” time. This is done within our marked containers with your complete order details.
  6. We take a lot of time to ensure each piece is crafted to our high standards. Will my breast milk jewellery turn brown or yellow? No, it certainly won’t.
























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