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Sending Information

Sending Information

Baby Bee is a registered importer and exporter of breast milk and DNA.

We’re also Customs Endorsed – operating as a worldwide creation service.

Please refer to information at the bottom of this page in the section “Sending from Overseas” – so you know what’s required for overseas parcels and Australian customs requirements.




We ask that you please send 30mls of your breastmilk in a double-bagged zip lock bag or breast ilk storage bags. Please wrap in absorbent paper before sending in a padded envelope.


We won’t need more than 50ml – so please don’t send more than this. Your breastmilk contains amazing properties and is perfectly capable of being sent via mail. This applies for worldwide orders.


Breastmilk is kept partially preserved or safely stored for 6 months from the date we receiver your inclusions. After this date, we discard any unclaimed milk. This policy is affective 1st of October 2015.


Placenta / Cord Stump / Encapsulated Pill:


We ask that you please also send your encapsulated placenta pill, babies cord stump, flowers/leaves in a double-bagged zip lock bag, in a padded envelope. If you have your baby’s placenta frozen it is perfect to create with, we just ask that you dehydrate it first.



DIY Placenta Dehydration for Placenta Jewellery:


Follow this process, to dehydrate the placenta.


  • Set oven on low (ultra-low) 

  • Slice a thin 2cm x 2cm piece of placenta

  • Place on baking paper
  • Leave placenta for at least 5 hours or until it can almost “snap” in half
  • Let cool overnight
  • Send to Baby Bee for crafting.


Your placenta inclusion is perfectly capable of being sent via mail. This applies for orders worldwide.






We ask that you please send 1 teaspoon of ash in a double- bagged zip lock bag in a padded envelope. As your ashes are precious and irreplaceable, we advise that you send via registered post.



First Curls:


We are able to craft your first curl jewellery from even the tiniest of curls. However, we recommend sending 3-4cm (length) of hair. All unused hair is sent home with your jewellery.



Wedding Dress:


We don’t just create jewellery from your special moments with your baby. Your wedding day, deceased loved ones and pets are just a few other special things to you that we can turn memories into something tangible.



We can use part of your wedding dress. We recommend that you cut a small piece (roughly 3cm x 3cm), from your hemline, under-sewings of the dress and any “scraps” you may have. We can craft using any type of material.



Pet Memorial:


We ask that you please send roughly 3cm of your pet’s fur or feathers (per item of jewellery) in a double-bagged zip lock bag in a padded envelope. As this is very precious and irreplaceable, we advise you to send them via registered post.



Baby Bee Hummingbirds holds a valid permit to import and export human breast milk & human DNA - This is issued by the Australian Governments Department of Agriculture – Quarantine Department.


A copy and simple instructions for sending your inclusions will be emailed with your receipt. This is important to read and understand prior to sending.



Our permit needs to be included in your parcel, so that we adhere to Australian Customs’ guidelines.



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