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Life is a journey – messy, moving, momentous. By nature, it is dynamic and always changing. All people living their unique experiences, often behind closed doors with very few ways to truly be celebrated.

This is especially true for mothers, fathers and parents who are living the realities of life, love and loss through the entire scope of their lens.

Be it conception or pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, stillbirth or embryo babies, our relationships with our children, or the deaths of pets and loved ones; these each remain significant human experiences of which we don’t cultivate nearly enough ways to commemorate.

I truly believe that DNA & breastmilk keepsake jewellery has become so popular in recent years because people are actively looking to immortalise their memories and milestones – they want to make sure their stories are not forgotten.

Art already does this beautifully, we know. But even art fades or hangs on walls, overlooked and forgotten.

Jewellery is treasured.

Jewellery does not discriminate.

Jewellery is kept close to the body.

Jewellery is passed on through generations.

Jewellery tells a story in a most special way.

And the kind of genetically love laced jewellery that we create or help you to craft in true Baby Bee Hummingbirds fashion?

Well that is something extraordinary.

Lucky for you, we have a multitude of offers we know you are going to love!

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