Amy McGlade
about baby bee hummingbirds

My name is Amy McGlade and I am owner and head creatrix at BBH headquarters. It is my pleasure to share with you the true love and commitment that I have towards crafting speciality jewellery infused with the most remarkably precious of inclusions.

But before I tell you what we do here, I want to talk to you about how this story begins…

I started Baby Bee Hummingbirds in 2013 following my third beautiful home birth. I felt inspired, creative and enthralled with all things birth, breastfeeding, babies and my body’s incredible and innate ability to mother. Unsure as to whether this would be my last pregnancy, I became very aware of the time-memory space and began to mindfully capture everything that unfolded, in one or another. Using a camera, journal writing, social media sharing and scrapbooking, I cultivated opportunities to honour the story of my child’s beginning, and my story of mother and nurturer of life.

It was at this time I heard of the concept behind breastmilk jewellery and thought how much fun it might be to immortalise the memories  of my breastfeeding story this way!

I had always been a crafty type and quickly found natural talent in this arena. I experimented in dozens of different ways until I developed formulas and methods to preserve breastmilk. My final perfected method is now my newly-patented Milky Mama Magic DustⓇ

At the time when I began to craft, no official information or education was available. I invested much of my time, effort and money in order to find the ultimate technique in combining resin, fittings and preserving agents.

Over time, I started to see stunning, consistent results. Friends and family praised my work and they wore their unique pieces proudly. I started playing around with placenta pills, cord stumps, babies hair and of course – LOTS of breastmilk.

The realisation that I was genuinely good at this is where my adventure begins.

As a professional Midwife, my first professional offerings came in the form of DNA keepsakes for bereaved parents. It was here I began to recognise  the potential and deep meaning to this work, far beyond simply crafting.

In January 2014 I registered the business name Baby Bee Hummingbirds – it was time to pull up my pants and turn my hobby into a business I loved!

I had virtually no capital or money to invest. But I had the vision and determination to see me through ANYTHING.

I refined my craft, stood my ground against the naysayers and remained focused on providing the highest standard of quality DNA & breastmilk jewellery to those I created for.

With bravery and a deep belief in what I was aiming to create, Baby Bee Hummingbirds grew to a profitable six figure business bursting with meaning and fulfilment. I am proud of what we have created, proud of the ways we innovate and continue to create and even prouder of the community we’ve built.

What started as a hobby and small dream, I manifested into something much bigger than me – a business model that not only commemorates life and loss, but celebrates the blood, bone and milk that is the foundation of motherhood.

Whether you choose to invest in my Custom Luxe experience & range, are looking to purchase a DIY keepsake crafting kit for yourself or someone you love, or even considering enrolling into the The Baby Bee Hummingbirds DNA & Breastmilk Jewellery Academy, I know that you too will come to see just how much magic happens when you join me!

In love & humility,

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