Embryo Ash Studios™

Embryo Ash Studios™ is a world first embryo straw memorial & cremation service designed to help honour the unsung legacy of IVF, all the while tackling the crisis taking place right now in the fertility industry.

The crisis of ‘leftover’ (or unused)  embryos is not one to be scoffed at. In the US alone, there are over a million embryo straws in storage. For the clinics themselves, this is a massive logistical struggle as they try to keep up with the challenges that come with embryo creation, storage and disposal. Over 8,000,000 babies have been born by IVF since 1978. With dozens of embryos created in batches during each IVF treatment – the question worth asking is – where do the majority of these straws end up?

At the rate IVF clinics are creating embryos, a series of major issues are seeing themself manifest. As a start, Embryo Ash Studios™ encourages you to read this article ‘The Leftover Embryo Crisis’.

One of the problems arising is the matter of unsustainable waste management and the millions of rigid polymer (plastic) straws accumulating quickly with nowhere to go. With so much attention being brought to the global issue on pathological plastic straw consumption, why not focus on the same baseline issues mirrored in the use of polymer embryo straws?

The second hurdle manifesting itself is the matter of morality and good conscious, whereby families using IVF have no options to dispose of their embryo straws that leave them in good conscious or at peace. At present, available options include keeping their embryo straws in storage indefinitely, donating their embryo straws to research, donating their embryo straws to other families, or lastly – disposing of them either personally or via the disposal option made available at the IVF clinic they’re using.

For the families and individuals involved, the lack of options available to ethically dispose of their unused embryos is a matter of intense emotional labour run in circles around the indecisiveness of what to do. Storage fees can run from $750 a year to the thousands, and paying these for an indefinite amount of time is not a viable option for the many navigating that system. To add to that challenge, some states are tightening laws on how many years these embryos can remain in storage. This has increased pressure to find solutions to all of these challenges sooner than later.

Conversations around IVF and fertility happen in a shroud of secrecy, this underworld that most have no idea even exists. Most IVF families are living a tumultuous experience and have nowhere to lay tribute to their journeys, celebrate their successes or grieve their losses.

The emotionally charged, never ending war between opposing views continues to slow down any real opportunities at progress in the ways we view IVF and respect the balance of life & death, all the while supporting both the individuals living it, as well as the planet at the mercy of its formalities.

Embryo Ash Studios™ want to address each of the above issues with the world’s first embryo memorial and cremation tribute service.

Using a unique multi point system, Embryo Ash Studios™ are going to offer IVF families a way to reclaim their leftover embryo straws to cremate or bury, all in the company of a range of decorative or biodegradable urns, exclusive jewellery infused with embryo ash and MORE.

An emphasis is placed on understanding how the cremation process happens, and what to expect from the service. From the moment they are received, your embryo straws are treated with the utmost respect. The straws in their entirety are placed into an incinerator that was especially designed to extract harmful emissions released when the polymer straws are heated.  This incinerator heats above temperatures as high as 650 degrees, leaving no harmful emissions in the process. The subsequent emissions are extracted using the integrated technology in the incinerator itself.  Due to the micro size of the physical cells in the actual straw & the difficulty in separating the embryo cells from the straw itself, as well the direct consideration sustainable and ethical disposal, the entire straw (or bundled straws) are incinerated, leaving no part behind and the entire memory of your experiences combined.

The resulting ash is then commemorated in the way that the parent/s choose!

It is important to mention that this service is not about pulling apart every last detail of what is being offered, nor reducing the vision of Embryo Ash Studios™ to the impossibility of cremating a small containment of cells – what is being endeavoured here is far much more than what meets the eye.

And after all – isn’t this what the miracle, magic, mystery and science of IVF deserves – isn’t this what every IVF family deserves – closure, celebration, honour and acknowledgement? Embryo Ash Studios™ believes the sentiment behind current IVF culture does not do the experience, nor the people living it, any justice at all. Pioneered by Amy McGlade at BabyBee Hummingbirds™, in close partnership with Angela Gallo,   Embryo Ash Studios™ are here to improve that very culture with their range of unique offerings.

Of course, controversy and misunderstanding around the nature of this endeavour is expected, but both Amy and Angela are invested in the effort of demystifying much of what they’ve learnt during this creative process, and are eager to help foster greater acceptance of what the vision for this work entails.

Bringing their heart and soul to this business venture, respectfully and entirely sensitive to the precarious nature of all types of fertility & infertility issues, Amy and Angela promise to provide a service that is nothing short of compassionate and ambitious to the solutions so many people IVF families have been crying out for.

For more details or to claim your limited time offer on the inaugural launch of their services, please register your interest through our sign up form on this page.