Luxe Experience Faqs

What is the Luxe Experience?

The Luxe experience is a custom DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery option available to individuals looking for the ultimate intimate crafting experience with their creator.

The beauty of the Luxe Experience is the bond between client & artist, the constant and reliable communication and the prioritised fulfilling the client’s needs – quickly and with attention to detail.

The Luxe Experience is perfect for those wanting a decadent legacy piece created with urgency and with love, at the hands of BabyBee Hummingbirds creator, Amy McGlade. This is the only option to have custom creations crafted by BabyBee Hummingbirds.

Important things to take note of…

Orders open 1st – 7th of each month.

There are very limited spaces available.

Orders are placed via the shop when orders open.

Once an order is made the customer will receive a detailed email, a welcome pack, including a questionnaire that helps Amy tailor the experience, as well as a prompt to schedule a call to discuss further.

Once the families inclusions are received, turn around time is 7-21 days.

No changes to the order can be made once placed.

What is the turn-around time for the Luxe experience?

7-21 days from when Amy receives your inclusions, not from date of purchase.

Is there a chance my breastmilk and/or milk substitute will mould or discolor?

Milky Mama Magic Dust is a proven trade secret owned by BabyBee Hummingbirds. It has been used in our products since 2015, with thousands of happy customers and marvelous creations. Our method is sound and along with impeccable handling and preparing of your breastmilk, it will stand the test of time if it treated with great care.


As with any precious jewellery, it is critical to treat your legacy piece with absolute attention and care. Failure to take the below into consideration will result in discoloration, disintegration or loss of quality.


All DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery inclusions are infused into resin – resin jewellery requires care.


BabyBee Hummingbirds DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery is strictly adornment jewellery. It is not meant to be worn in the shower, in the pool or at the beach. It is not meant to be worn while playing sport, high activity or aggressive movements. It is best to avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Keep away from oils, creams, perfumes and/or other product that might contain harsh chemicals or ingredients. Store in a pouch or jewellery box for safe keeping.

Can I send my previously frozen breastmilk?


Can I send my previously frozen or raw placenta?

No – placenta must be sent dehydrated. Please do not send raw or frozen placenta. It is recommended you engage a professional placenta encapsulator to do so. We recommend sending one placenta pill.

How much hair should I send?

3cm is a perfect amount of hair for one crafted keepsake.

What is the typical shelf life for the jewellery you create?

BabyBee Hummingbirds DNA & Keepsake Jewellery is preserved indefinitely. If care instructions are not followed, no guarantee is given.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes, we have a guarantee on the NON breastmilk or DNA components; such as rings, lockets, earrings, etc. from 12 months of receivership, so long as care instructions have been explicitly followed.

What is the best way to ensure generations can enjoy my legacy pieces for years to come?

The best way to preserve the integrity of your jewellery for many years to come is by strictly adhering to care instructions.

How can you guarantee that you are not using someone else’s inclusions in my jewellery?

All DNA & Breastmilk Jewellery Artisans working with or trained through The BabyBee Hummingbirds Academy follow a strict code of conduct, including but not limited to struct guidelines on receiving & processing inclusions, as well as crafting with integrity. Every order is processed ethically and in good conscious that your precious DNA or breastmilk is organised to avoid mistakes and confusion of any kind.

How do I send my inclusions to you?

Inclusions are sent via Australia Post or your choice of mail provider. BabyBee Hummingbirds recommends all inclusions are sent via registered mail.

How much breastmilk should I send to you?

30ml is enough for 1 to 3 pieces of jewellery. Please do not send more than 50mls of milk. We do not store your breastmilk for future use.

I have high levels of lipid in my breastmilk, will this affect the jewellery?

No, not at all. It is entirely suitable.

How do I package my breastmilk or milk substitute?

  1. 10mls of breastmilk should be sent in a milk storage bag – we prefer you used two bags to be safe.
  2. Please do not use zip lock bags as they can leak.
  3. Wrap your milk storage bag in paper towels to absorb any possible leaks in transit.
  4. Place it in a padded envelope.
  5. Put your customer order number AND name on the inside AND outside of the bag.

Will my breastmilk go sour or curdle in the mail?

Breastmilk is 90% water – it travels beautifully in air tight packaging. Breastmilk will naturally seperate in transit but it will not spoil.

What payment types do you accept?

Paypal, Zip Pay, After Pay and all major credit and debit cards.