This year I have personally fulfilled over three thousand orders.  With dozens of lovely individuals banging down our cyber door each day, I knew it was time to level up and share my expertise with those wanting to do this professionally, too.

I don’t believe in competition.

I believe in collaboration and connectedness.

I believe there is limitless potential in a global market and more importantly, infinite room for us ALL to be running successful businesses creating lifetimes of legacies for people.

The BabyBee Hummingbirds DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Academy was created out of my desire to see this niche market expand globally and powerfully.

With no formal learning platform available and too many learning subpar skills & techniques off Youtube, The Academy offers a gold standard world first

A comprehensive, personal & professional development balanced online training program for those wanting to learn the art of infusing DNA & breastmilk inclusions to resin all the while building the businesses of their dreams.

This exclusive course can only be purchased during the launch period. There are two launches per year and only two student intakes welcomed in – first in, best dressed.

Before enrolling, we strongly recommend purchasing one of our D.I.Y Keepsake Crafting Kit. Each purchase comes with a full tutorial and this will give you incredible insight, as well as a good taste of what The Academy is about, before investing in the program itself. If you are serious about turning this artform into a sustainable, profitable career – testing the waters and making sure you genuinely want to pursue this is a good move forward.

Enrollment into The BabyBee Hummingbirds DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Academy costs $1699 AUD. Your investment includes entry to the program, a BBH Student Starter Kit to start your crafting adventure, access to the online course for 6 months, access to the supporting Facebook Group for emerging and graduated students for LIFE and should you successfully pass – certification.

Once you’ve enrolled, you will have 6 months to complete the curriculum and submit all relevant student assessments & exercises. The program is entirely self-paced and easily completed in 6 months – how quickly and effectively you complete it will depend on your other commitments.

Should you successfully complete your curriculum and pass your student assessments, you will receive a certificate of completion and be listed on BabyBee Hummingbird’s ‘Endorsed DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery Artisans We Love’ – a directory we created to connect those wanting this unique jewellery with trusted, established crafting gurus in their local area.

The curriculum is expertly designed to not only teach you every imaginable skill and technique when it comes to crafting with DNA and breastmilk, but also to equip you with massive amounts of insight and strategy to help you build a business that will turn a profit and deliver of exceptionally emotionally-charged jewellery.

During the course of your experience, you will learn everything you need to do know about safety protocol, risk management, working with resin, preserving breastmilk or milk substitutes, using our Milky Mama Magic Dust®, working with a variety of inclusions, jewellery, findings, where to source product, working with suppliers, realising your ideal client, developing a niche offer, branding, website essentials, systems, workflow, invoicing, payments and MORE.

In addition to this, you will have access to a series of Masterclass contributions from peak body professionals on a variety of topics from branding design to product photography – included as a gift from us to you!

You WILL leave this program feeling competent and confident as you brave your new business venture as a DNA & breastmilk jewellery artisan.